Launch from the Watches & Pencils Webshop - Order Your Watch Art NowAs most of you already know, there exists a special and inventive feature on Fratello Watches: Watches & Pencils. To date the state run shop / website about it feature is launched.To put it briefly: best panerai replica watches What exactly is Watches & Pencils again?Everthing started with the theory by founder and Fratello team member Teun. A short while ago, he put together an idea to combine his two passions: replica watches and art. After he launched the feature it became a popular topic on Fratello Watches. Before today, a brand new cartoon is published each and every month.The procedure simplified in 3 stepsA dedicated shopTeun: "After each illustration published on the site and Instagram I received a great deal of individual requests for prints, stickers etcetera. Initially I start a standard shop on a single on the big shop-platforms. Finally, pupil the looks, feel and quality of the items are not good enough. Therefore i dedicated to a custom webshop, dedicated to Watches and Pencils and specifically for watch nerds: www.replica watchesandpencils.com."Signed and qualitative productsAs Teun mentioned, quality and a personal touch is very important with the artist. One example is: no mass produced posters, but quality prints. Checked and signed from the artist himself. Using this method Teun will keep it exclusive, but nevertheless cost-effective. Click here for each of the available prints.StickersFrom the moment Teun came up with stickers, he received a great deal of messages from people that wanted to buy them. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to handle all the individual requests in those days. However, now he is! She has generate a nice standard 5-pack with more popular illustrations thus far. More variations will observe in the future. Simply click here to directly buy some stickers.The several stickers are perfect for your Macbook!Featured BrandsIn the Watches & Pencils episodes published so far, just about every famous brand is featured. To list some: Omega, Rolex, Breitling, Panerai and Seiko watches . More brands will probably be included in their email list after i create new episodes and illustrations.Screensavers: a donation and art in oneWhen you go to shop you could possibly experience the screensavers I've contained in the shop (go here for all the available screensavers) . This are definitely the cheapest products plus more of a creative donation towards artist. Like with any artist, support from the fan crowd is essential.C = continual reporting on InstagramThis website allows customers to order products and offers a quick impression of Teun's watch illustrations and (analog) drawings. Around the official Instagram-channel he publishes behind-the-scenes, time-lapses, rolex jubilee updates as well as other illustrations each day: Instagram.com/replica watchesandpencils.Future productsTeun is intending to release more products. Things which are at the top of my list are pins. I imagine you may pin them on the bag or, better, your watch roll! I'm open towards product requests, but I think this is a great start.Custom drawings / illustrations / requestsTeun is often open to custom illustrations, requests or inspiration for future episodes of Watches & Pencils. It is possible to contact him via his website. Secure PaymentWhen you checkout you can be redirected towards the secured PayPal website. In the meantime, PayPal may be the only payment method. It's fast and essentially the most popular and secured payment methods on-line. Good to know if you haven't use PayPal yet: you can even pay using a guest account.Thank you!Teun: "First of all, I must thank everybody who supports me. Your input and concepts are of true value to me. Lets hope I put a smile on your own face with one of my creative works. To any extent further, it will be easy to only buy (almost) anything from Watches and Pencils. Happy shopping!". An introduction to all Watches & Pencils episodes on Fratello Watches can be obtained here.The store: www.replica watchesandpencils.comInstagram: Instagram.com/replica watchesandpencils replica bell ross watch bands
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